What We Do


Our excellent orthodontist can help both children and adults in various ways to straighten your teeth. This includes Invisalign and both standard and lingual braces.

It is never to late to have the smile you have always wanted. Speak to our team about a consultation.

Routine & General Dentistry

Our main priority is to ensure your mouth is healthy. Our goal is to maintain your natural teeth for life through preventive care and expertise. We will provide you with a personal care plan for your needs, focused on maintaining good oral health and minimising the risk of future tooth / gum related problems.

Pain, Emergency Treatment

We always aim to assist our existing patients with dental emergencies on the same day. Please contact the practice at the earliest possible convenience in the case of emergency or pain. This will assist in our ability to treat you in the quickest possible time frame.


Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity. This can be caused by decay, gum shrinkage, gum disease, chipped teeth or fillings or tooth grinding. The solutions vary depending on the cause. A consultation and possibly x-rays help to determine the cause and then appropriate action can resolve the situation.

Jaw Problems (TMJ) & Headaches

These can be due to clenching or grinding of your teeth. A simple and inexpensive night-guard appliance can be worn which protects the teeth whilst sleeping.

Chipped Or Fractured Teeth

With the latest bonding techniques fractured teeth can often be solved quickly and cheaply. However depending on the severity of the problem veneers or crowns may be required.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes all you need to do to have a beautiful smile is have clean teeth and healthy gums. However, if you were not blessed with a beautiful smile there are now many ways that you can achieve the smile you always wanted. Many of these are simple and inexpensive. Your needs and desires may dictate a certain type of treatment. The list below gives some examples of various possibilities.

Tooth whitening: We offer a safe and effective take home tray system, which is used overnight for 1-2 weeks depending on your starting shade and your desired result.

Cosmetic bonding and contouring: This involves minor adjustments to your teeth by either trimming them or bonding some composite resin materials to them to help align the teeth or close any gaps thus creating the appearance of straighter teeth and improving your smile.

Tooth coloured fillings and porcelain inlays: Traditionally, fillings were made of a silver amalgam. Over time these often become discoloured and look black. Replacing these with tooth colour-matched restorations can improve the appearance of your teeth.

Veneers, crowns and bridgework: These treatment options have great potential. They enable changes in tooth shape, position and colour at the same time. Missing teeth can be replaced by bridgework. The adjacent tooth / teeth are used to support missing teeth in a fixed way. Our laboratories that create these prosthetics use the best materials and computer enhanced technology to give you a great match.


Implants are used to replace missing single or multiple teeth in a fixed way. The big advantage of this option is that the replacements are independent of the remaining natural teeth. Implants can also be used to replace the need for dentures totally or to support dentures very firmly thereby restoring lost confidence. You can discuss this with your dentist who will assess the situation and arrange an implant consultation.

Dental Abscess & Root Canal Treatment

Dental abscesses occur when the tooth becomes infected by oral bacteria. Root canal treatments are a means of treating the infection and preserving the tooth. It involves cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth and filling the root to seal it and prevent further problems. Many of these teeth then need to be protected by crowns to ensure a long and satisfactory lifespan.

Periodontal Treatments For Gum Disease

Gum disease or periodontal disease as it is otherwise known, is a condition that affects the tissue surrounding and supporting the teeth and is most commonly caused by unsatisfactory oral hygiene at home but can sometimes have a hereditary aspect. If allowed to progress, periodontal disease can cause the loss of every tooth you have. You should see a dentist or hygienist regularly to avoid this.

Periodontal treatment often starts with a deep cleaning regime and oral hygiene instruction. This is followed by various reviews and monitoring depending on the severity of the initial problem and your healing potential. Surgical correction may be required in certain circumstances.


Sadly some people have missing teeth that may require replacement with dentures. We pride ourselves in providing replacements which are as natural, stable and pleasing as possible.

Nervous Patients

We accommodate nervous patients who need a little extra time and personal attention. Our dentists will talk you through any procedures that you require so you understand the processes involved. Then we take one step at a time until you gain confidence.

In cases where it is required, we provide sedation to ensure patients are able to achieve the care they need even if they are apprehensive or uncomfortable.

Second Options

Has some treatment been recommended and you are not sure? Have you had a quote for dental work and you are not sure if it is good value? Would you like a second opinion? We are here to help. We can allay any anxieties you may have or advise you of alternative options if applicable.


Our dentists are happy to provide hygienist services.