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Facial Aesthetics In South Kensington

Aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation using the latest techniques and products

Makeup is a fantastic way to enhance looks temporarily. It can create the illusion of flawless skin which has plenty of volume and luminosity. It also helps to make us feel really good about ourselves when we wear it. However, the transformational capability of makeup can only really go so far, and sometimes we need just that little bit more to aid in the restoration of our looks and to bring back a confidence that goes far deeper than the skin.

The Dental Team offer a wide range of professional facial aesthetic treatments to renew the appearance of the neck and face, to help you feel great about your looks; something which may have waned over time with the natural effects of ageing.

Common Target Areas Of Facial Aesthetics

The most common target areas of facial aesthetics are:

  • The lips (smokers lines, loss of volume)
  • The face (loss of volume through weight loss, ageing or smoking)
  • Skin on the face and neck (sagging through weight loss or ageing)
  • Forehead (frown lines)
  • Jowls
  • Crows feet

Commonly, patients seeking facial aesthetics might speak to us about one specific concern, or they may have several concerns about their looks, all which affect self-esteem. The Dental Team can use a combination of facial aesthetic treatments to help restore your looks, and your confidence too!

Wrinkle reduction
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Botox is used to treat wrinkles and fine lines in lots of different areas on the face and body, but the use is usually predominantly on the face and neck. This high performing product is one of the most commonly requested at The Dental Team, for effective and professional facial rejuvenation and renewal.

Fine lines and wrinkles can often be found around the mouth, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and on the forehead. They are common in these places because of regular movements which eventually lead to permanent marks or creases.

Botox helps eliminate these common signs of ageing by relaxing the muscles and stopping them from moving into the position that would cause the fine line or wrinkle. The effect is a much smoother skin, and visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

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Lip fillers


Fillers are used to replicate the intense hydration of the skin that comes with youth, and dips with age. Properly hydrated skin is youthful and radiant, and fillers can replenish the plumpness in the skin that you may be missing. This process also reduces common signs of ageing, like wrinkles, and it can even be used to enhance certain areas of the face like the lips or cheekbones.

The Dental Team offers professional facial aesthetic treatments to enhance areas you would like to see more plump and sculpted, and to smooth out lines, wrinkles and other features that have contributed to a decrease in confidence decrease. Our facial aesthetics team is here to help you restore your confidence by using the latest surgery-free facial rejuvenation and restoration techniques.

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Are you ready to roll back the signs of ageing? Please call to book your consultation with the facial aesthetics team at The Dental Team on 020 75896231

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