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Oral Surgery

Complex oral conditions treated in a professional and comfortable setting

Oral surgery is offered at The Dental Team in South Kensington to treat issues that require a surgical procedure for effective resolution. Oral surgery is never something that is offered lightly and there will always be a detailed consultation before a decision to operate is made.

We also work hard to clearly explain the implications of surgery, what it involves and what it will cost. In all cases, we ensure that the entire process is as efficient and comfortable for you as possible.

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What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is any procedure performed on the teeth, jaw and gums that is invasive and more complex than routine procedures. A simple extraction can be performed by all dentists but some forms or wisdom teeth extractions, e.g. impactions, need more specialised care under the jurisdiction of an oral surgeon.

Certain types of dental implant placement are another good example of the kind of treatment that requires a different oral surgery setting.

Oral surgeons are skilled in areas such as:

  • The treatment of impacted or diseased teeth
  • Dental implant surgery.
  • Facial trauma specifically related to the mouth
  • Treating deep oral infections, tumours or growths
  • Offering reconstructive or cosmetic surgery related to the mouth
  • Dealing with specific jaw problems related to the temporomandibular joint
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Aftercare will be offered by The Dental Team dentists where required. For example, if you have had a wisdom tooth extracted or dental implants placed in the clinic, we will be able to check the results of surgery and then periodically check everything is as expected during return visits.

If you have been into hospital or a special clinic for surgery following a referral from us, then it may be you have to attend follow up appointments outside of our clinic to monitor your progress. We will be able to continue to provide general dental care to you, and we will have your medical notes, but we will likely work with the team who performed your oral surgery until such a time that the problem is considered resolved.

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If you need more complex dental treatment than can be offered by a general dentists, then the Dental Team can help.
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