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Teeth Whitening in south kensington

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Helping patients achieve brighter, whiter smiles

Teeth whitening is a popular and effective treatment used to improve the colour of the teeth by several shades. We are pleased to offer this treatment at The Dental Team and have many patients who were genuinely shocked by the impressive and rejuvenating results they achieved.

Having whiter teeth really does help to restore youth back into the smile and patients are left with an enhanced sense of confidence as well as a great new look. At The Dental Team, we use the Zoom teeth whitening programme because it is a well-known, effective and highly respected teeth whitening treatment amongst dental professionals worldwide.

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What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a teeth whitening treatment which can be applied in surgery either by the dentist, or by a qualified hygienist. You will have an initial appointment to check your suitability for the treatment, and to give your teeth a professional clean to remove any tartar build-up and surface staining. Following your appointment, you will have the Zoom treatment which usually takes under an hour, and provides incredible results.

How Does Zoom Work?

We protect your gums using special dental putty that is placed and then hardens. Once this is complete, we apply a whitening gel to the teeth and activate it with a special light. Every 15 minutes the gel is taken off, and then a new layer is applied, for a total of 3 times. After the last application we apply fluoride to the teeth to help reduce sensitivity, an occasional side-effect of teeth whitening.

At the end of the session you will be able to see the difference in tooth shades on the chart, which can be quite a shock for some! Your teeth can be up to 10 times whiter following the treatment; but of course we will discuss the degree of whitening we are targeting before we begin.

Finally we provide you with custom fit trays and gel to prolong the whitening effect on your teeth, as well as special aftercare instructions.

Zoom Teeth Whitening, A Revolutionary Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment!

Zoom is the quickest whitening treatment currently available in modern cosmetic dentistry. It can help your teeth lighten up to 10 shades, you can choose the shade of white you want, the results are long lasting, and the procedure is completely safe!

The Dental Team
For just 60 minutes of your time, the whitening results achieved by Zoom are transformative, providing you with a youthful, bright, white smile. Call The Dental Team today on 020 75896231 to arrange your appointment.

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