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Dental Implants in south kensington

The Gold-Standard innovation for replacing missing teeth

Dental implants are considered by many to be the best treatment available for replacing lost teeth and we are delighted to provide this service for patients here at The Dental Team.

Implants effectively replace a tooth root with a high-grade titanium device, bonding to the jawbone and surrounding tissues and providing an exceptionally secure base for a crown or bridge. Dental implants can support one tooth, multiple teeth or even entire arches, restoring the smile and feeling as close to natural as possible.

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Single Tooth

It is possible to replace a tooth with a denture or a bridge but a dental implant offers a much more permanent solution. A dental implant will also stop the jawbone that supported the now missing tooth from degrading and affecting the shape of the face. There is also no need to adjust the healthy surrounding teeth, like you would with a dental bridge.

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Multiple Teeth

Separate implants can be used for multiple missing teeth, or at times, one dental implant can be used to support several missing teeth. In some instances implants and dental bridges will be used in combination to restore the smile. In all instances we work to ensure there are as few implants used as possible.

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Full Arches

Dentures are the most common choice for full arch replacement, but they aren't the most effective way to achieve this. Dental implants can be used to anchor a full fixed-bridge of teeth and feel almost completely the same as your natural teeth. You are likely to forget that you have them in and they also look great and allow you to eat, drink and talk just like you did before.

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Are You Suitable For Implants?

Before implant treatment can go ahead we have to complete a detailed consultation with you. This helps us to check if you are suitable, and ensures you understand what the treatment involves and what to expect. In some instances, patients will not be suitable for treatment but this is relatively uncommon.

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The Implant Process

There are typically 6 stages to the implant process:

We assess your suitability, answer questions you may have and discuss the process with you. We may also perform scans and X-rays.

We take impressions of your mouth in order to plan your implant treatment with accuracy and precision.

If you have suffered bone loss, we will provide treatments to restore the jawbone, so the implants have sufficient bone to bond to.

We use local anaesthetic and if requested, sedation before placing your implants.

Your dental implant takes around 3-6 months to bond to your jawbone. During this time we will expose the implant at the top of the gums so it heals before we complete treatment.

Finally we place the crown on to the implant to create your new smile.

As you’d expect, we provide full aftercare instructions and discuss a maintenance plan with you.

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Are you struggling with missing teeth or perhaps loose and uncomfortable dentures? Why not call The Dental Team on 020 75896231 in South Kensington to see how our experienced implant dentists can help? You are just a few short steps away from being able to smile, laugh and eat with confidence once more!

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