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Root Canal Treatment in SOUTH KENSINGTON

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Professional endodontics for effective treatment of inner tooth infections

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is needed when the pulp inside the tooth is infected. Infection can occur through injury or as a result of tooth decay, but the infected part of the tooth always needs removing when this happens. Left untreated it would cause more severe infection symptoms, and cause further damage to the tooth, potentially even resulting in extraction.

At The Dental Team we offer root canal treatment to effectively remove the tooth infection whilst also saving the infected tooth.

The Dental Team

The Importance Of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is very important because it saves you from suffering with the resulting symptoms of a deeper tooth infection. If the tooth is left untreated an abscess may occur which can be incredibly painful, even stopping you from eating or being able to carry on with day-to-day activities.

Extraction can become necessary when bacteria kill the nerves of the tooth. However, professional endodontic treatment can stop that stage ever being reached, preventing a lot of additional cost, pain and future restorative treatment.

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The Root Canal Procedure

Once the dentist has diagnosed a pulp infection and recognised the need for root canal treatment, an appointment will be made for the procedure. During the procedure you will not be able to feel the treatment at all because a powerful local anaesthetic will be used. Sedation is also available at an additional cost for patients who may feel stressed or anxious about their root canal treatment.

Once you are effectively anaesthetised and relaxed, the dentist will make a channel into the tooth to get to the pulp. They will then clean the infected part of the tooth, removing any dead tissue. Any abscesses are also drained, and then the root canal is cleaned out in preparation for a special filling using a material called ‘gutta percha’.

If the dentist deems it appropriate to place a permanent filling at this stage they will go-ahead and then check again for signs of re-infection at a later date. However, if all has proceeded as expected, this will hopefully not occur. The treatment is then usually completed by placing a dental crown over the treated tooth to fully renew the strength and also the aesthetic appearance.

It can take quite a long time to fully complete root canal treatment, and it may take two visits to The Dental Team before treatment is complete. However, the effort and time is well-worthwhile to prevent a tooth extraction.

The Dental Team
If you need root canal treatment, please call The Dental Team on 020 75896231 to arrange an appointment.

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