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The latest in professional teeth straightening treatments

The Dental Team in South Kensington offers a wide range of straightening treatments for teeth which may be overcrowded, protruding, misaligned, crooked or which have large gaps between them. These kinds of problems may cause issues with speech or eating, or they may cause entirely aesthetic problems that result in lowered confidence. Certain treatments we offer are more relevant to bite problems or deeper dental issues, whereas others cater to cosmetic issues and 'social six' straightening where straightening techniques are applied to the front teeth only. Our dental team can ensure the most effective treatment options for your needs are offered to you!

The Dental Team

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have come a long way in the last decade, and are a lot more comfortable and less impactful to speech, appearance and eating. Traditional braces are often used when the requirements of the patient are detailed, for example where bite correction and significant full arch straightening is needed. Traditional braces can be relevant both for adults and children, although adults tend to be less likely to opt for traditional braces due to their lack of discreet appearance.

The Dental Team


The Dental Team is proud to offer one of the most popular and effective teeth straightening treatments currently available in Invisalign. The Invisalign system is extremely discreet, so much so that the aligners used are almost completely invisible. There's no need for any wire or bracket systems as with traditional braces, and you can even take the aligners out for eating food, or for brushing your teeth.

The Dental Team

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign treatment begins with a detailed consultation where we discuss your needs and expectations, perform a dental examination and then tailor-make a straightening plan just for you. We then take moulds of your teeth and have a digital representation created where along with your input and go-ahead, we can tailor-make your treatment plan.

We take impressions of your mouth in order to plan your implant treatment with accuracy and precision.

Based on this plan, approved by you and where we can show you each stage of the treatment, we have unique aligners made. They are worn by you for between 20 and 22 hours a day, and every two weeks or so, a new set of aligners is provided by your dentist, along with a brief check-up to ensure that all is going as planned. Your teeth will gently move into place over time - every patient is different so the length of the process will vary.

At the final stage of the process there may be some detailing left to do where we make final sets of trays to complete the straightening process. This is called the ‘refinement process’ and comes complete with your Invisalign package.

Once the treatment is complete we will discuss retainers with you. There are permanent and removable types and we will discuss all of the options with you to ensure you're getting the most effective aftercare to maintain your beautiful new straight teeth!

Best of all, there is a two year guarantee with Invisalign where we perform routine check-ups to ensure everything is in order, and where you can ask any questions about your treatment.

The Dental Team
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